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Marine Log

February 19, 2008

Eastern Shipbuilding launches ATB tug

Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc. recently launched the GALVESTON, an ABS classed 150 ft x 46 ft x 27 ft ATB Ocean Going Tug at its Allanton facility in Panama City, Fla.

The GALVESTON is being constructed for U.S. Shipping Partners, L.P. of Edison, N.J. along with two sister ships.

The GALVESTON is the first of three ABS Classed 150 ft ATB tugs currently under construction at Eastern's Allanton facility.

The vessel is designed and engineered by Guarino & Cox of Covington, LA and is classed under the American Bureau of Shipping rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels Under 90 meters in length.

This series of 150 ATB tugs offers several unique design features including an articulated tug and barge (ATB) connection system provided by INTERCON.

The vessel is capable of operating on heavy fuel oil as well as No. 2 marine diesel fuel oil. To operate the tug while on heavy fuel oil, a thermal oil heating system has been installed with heavy fuel oil pumps and thermal oil piping all provided by S-Man/American United Marine.

The 12,000 HP heavy fuel oil propulsion package is provided by Wartsila Marine as a single source supplier and consists of two Wartsila 9L32 main engines, two reduction gears, two 155 inch LIPS/Wartsila controllable pitch propellers (CPP) with installed in Kort nozzles and twin high lift rudders.

Electrical power is provided by two Wartsila Marine 500 kW shaft generators, one Volvo Penta/Wartsila Marine 350 kW heavy fuel generator and one Volvo Penta/Wartsila Marine 150 kW heavy fuel generator emergency generator.

The vessel has the following capacities:

Heavy Fuel Oil 225,700 US Gallons
Diesel Fuel Oil 27,800 US Gallons
Fresh Water 18,400 US Gallons
Ballast Water 124,000 US Gallons
Accommodations 17 persons

The GALVESTON will be paired up with a 160,000 barrel barge due to be delivered later this year.



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