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Which of the following will give shipowners the biggest headache in 2008?

Fuel costs
Crew shortages
Freight rates
Environmental regulations
Maritime security regulations

Marine Log

February 11, 2008

$100 million investment in Scottish shipyard

U.K. Defence Secretary Des Browne today visited Babcock Marine in Rosyth, Scotland, to witness the start of a GBP 50 million (almost $100 million) investment project at the dockyard in preparation for construction of two Royal Navy aircraft carriers.

Browne witnessed the signing of a GBP 35 million contract placed by Babcock Engineering Services with Glasgow-based subcontractors Edmund Nuttall Limited to modify the docks in anticipation of the future carrier work.

In addition to modifying the building dock to accommodate the building of the carriers, key equipment will be purchased, such as the largest Goliath crane, in the U.K.. The total investment in Rosyth will amount to GBP 50 million.

Browne said: "This is a significant investment for shipbuilding in Rosyth and a symbol of our commitment to the two new aircraft carriers which will be the largest ships ever sailed by the Royal Navy.

CEO of Babcock International Group plc, Peter Rogers, called the contract "the culmination of a great deal of hard work by the Babcock Marine team and Edmund Nuttall Limited together with our colleagues in the Aircraft Carrier Alliance including the Ministry of Defence to ensure that the Rosyth site is ready to play its part in what is the most exciting and physically largest defence project for many years."


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