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Fuel costs
Crew shortages
Freight rates
Environmental regulations
Maritime security regulations

Marine Log

February 4, 2008

FY 2009 DOD budget seeks $16.9 billion for shipbuilding

The Bush Administration has released its budget request for FY2009. It includes $16.9 billion for shipbuilding and marine systems.

The DOD FY 2009 Budget Request Summary Justification for Shipbuilding and Maritime Systems notes that the Navy's shipbuilding program aims to achieve a 313 ship fleet by FY2020 for global missions.

Highlights of the FY2009 Navy shipbuilding program include provision of $4,188.1 million in the Carrier Replacement Program for funding for the CVN 78 lead ship and procurement of advanced lead time items for the CVN 79.

The DDG 1000 destroyer program sees $323.2 million requested for DDG 1002 construction and advance procurement for DDG 1003.

For the LHA(R) program, just $2.4 million is requested for FY2009, to fund technology developments.

For the LCS program, $1,291 million is requested for FY 2009 to construct two LCS seaframes and three mission module packages.

For the LPD 17 San Antonio Amphibious Transport Dock Ship program, $104.2 million is requested to fund "program closeout costs."

FY 2009 Virginia Class submarine program, $359.1 million is requested to fund SSN 784 construction and procurement for later submarines.

$628 million is requested for the CVN Refueling Complex Overhaul to accelerate the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) RCOH to FY 2009

$962.4 million is requested to fund construction of two Lewis and Clark class T-AKE auxiliary dry cargo ships.

In what is tagged as a DOD Joint Program, $359.7 million is requested for funding of two JHSV Joint High Speed Vessels)--one for the Navy, one for the Army.


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