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Fuel costs
Crew shortages
Freight rates
Environmental regulations
Maritime security regulations

Marine Log

February 4, 2008

Ice class tug hijacked off Somalia

An ice class tug has been hijacked by Somali pirates while on its delivery voyage.

The owner, Svitzer, announced Sunday that the SVITZER KORSAKOV was attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia on Friday, February 1st and is now at anchor in Somali waters. As a result of direct contact with the vessel it is understood that all six men are unharmed. Svitzer says that appropriate measures are in place to seek the safe release of the crew, and their families continue to receive support. We ask that the sensitive nature of information surrounding this incident is considered and emphasize that discretion will be of the utmost importance to the safety of the crew.

Six crew members on board. A British Master, an Irish Chief Engineer, a Russian Chief Officer and three Russian crew members.

The 34.5 m ice class tug was newly built in a shipyard in St. Petersburg, Russia and at the time of the hijack was on delivery passage to work at Sakhalin Island, situated between North West Japan and Russia.


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