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August 19, 2008

Chamber looking for green ships

The Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) is inviting companies to participate in the Environmental Achievement Award Program that it administers.

"CSA's Board of Directors initiated this award program five years ago" said Joseph J. Cox, President of CSA. "This is a great opportunity for owners and operators to recognize the accomplishments of their mariners and shore-side staff. While the public hear of instances when there are environmental problems, they should know that this industry has an excellent record of environmental accomplishment. We have seen a growing awareness of this program among the industry since we began. Last year, 755 vessels owned or operated by forty-five companies received awards totaling 4,354 years of environmental excellent operation. This is a tremendous accomplishment by the industry and one that is not well known. We initiated these awards to let our seagoing and shore-side personnel know that we appreciate all they do as good stewards of our marine environment. The Board encourages all vessel owners and operators to nominate their compliant vessels for this award."

To be eligible for the award, a vessel must for at least a two-year period have:

  • No reportable spills (a report of a "potential spill" is not disqualifying);
  • No U.S. Coast Guard citations for violations of MARPOL;

  • No port state citations for violations of MARPOL; and,
  • No violations of state/local pollution regulations.

Vessels are eligible for awards beyond the initial two year period. Cox said that over eighty-five percent of the vessels receiving awards last year were for performance beyond the initial two year qualifying period.

The awards are given to the recipients at a dinner ceremony in Washington, DC in the fall which is attended by high-level Coast Guard, Maritime Administration, EPA and other government agency personnel.

Companies wishing to receive information about the program may contact Ms. Odell Moore at the Chamber of Shipping of America, [email protected] The deadline for submitting your vessel entries is Friday, October 3, 2008. Our new database for updating/entering new vessels will be available on Monday, September 8, 2008 or sooner.

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