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Marine Log

April 30 2008

MAN Diesel Korean licensee marks a milestone

MAN Diesel's Korean licensee, Doosan Engine Co. Ltd., celebrated a new milestone mid-April when its cumulative engine production reached the 50 million BHP mark.

Doosan Engine, then KHIC, produced its first marine engine in 1984. It thus reached the 50 million BHP milestone in just 24 years--an unprecedented achievement. Of the total, MAN Diesel has accounted for over 30 million

BHP. Doosan is just the third engine-builder in the world to reach 50 million BHP, leaping from the 40- to 50-million-BHP mark in a record 18 months.

The new milestone was achieved with the completion of a 25,300-BHP MAN B&W 6S70ME-C engine on April 15.

The engine, the 1,578th produced in the 24-year run, is destined for a 210,000 cu.m LNG carrier being built by DSME for Qatargas.

Doosan Engine President and CEO, Lee Sung-hee, celebrated the achievement in a ceremony at the company's Changwon complex, attended by representatives of Doosan's business partners, including MAN Diesel's Senior VP Promotion and Sales Ole Grøne and Senior VP for Two-stroke Licensing Klaus Engberg.

Boosted by strong global demand for shipping, Doosan Engine has almost completed a construction program of new assembly shops, including one dedicated to medium speed engines, which are forecast to raise annual capacity from 9 to 14 million BHP upon completion.

At the Changwon ceremony, Doosan Engine President Lee stated: "Our efforts to improve technology and quality are relentless." He added: "In the future, we will continue to invest in R&D so that we can become the world's largest, marine, engine builder."

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