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April 29 2008

Desgagnés orders newbuild in Croatia

Quebec City, Canada, headquartered Transport Desgagnés is to build a new 95.10 m Passenger/Vehicle/Container Vessel at Kraljevica Shipyard in Croatia to operate in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Desgagnés selected Deltamarin to develop a design capable of operating year-round in the harsh environment with high capacity and good ice-going capabilities plus excellent maneuverability in limited harbors.

Limited main dimensions due to harbor restrictions meant that a short and full hull was required with good performance and adequate course stability. The hull form incorporates a special type of bulbous bow for open water and ice operations, streamlined bow to reduce wave making, smooth transition areas and a long center skeg in the aft ship to improve course stability.

Two azimuthing propulsion units (Z-drives) and two bow thrusters give excellent handling capabilities for the vessel against heavy winds in narrow and congested routes and harbors.

Deltamarin was selected by the owner to develop the tender package for international yard tendering.

Kraljevika was selected as the builder after detailedl yard evaluations.

The final contract design was developed together with model testing of the hull form and propulsion arrangement.

Extensive use of Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) optimization with model tests resulted at the end in what Deltamarin calls "better results than expected."

The design is tailor-made for the route and local demands offering high capacity with limited length and draft. The northern conditions were taken into account by optimizing the hull form for speed, maneuverability and course stability in shallow water and ice.

Deltamarin Group will continue the newbuilding project with Basic and Detail Design packages for the Kraljevica Shipyard to ensure seamless design continuation and a faster delivery time.

Ship main dimensions:
Length overall 95.10 m
Breadth 19.35 m
Draft, design 4,42 m
Speed, service 15.0 knots
Passengers 381
Passenger cabins 63
Containers 125 TEU
Ice class 1A

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