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Marine Log

April 25 2008

Marad announces $9.8 million in shipyard grants

The U.S. Maritime Administration yesterday announced $9.8 million in grants to 19 small shipyards in the United States.

The grants are part of the new Assistance to Small Shipyards program, set up under the FY 2006 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006.

"Small shipyards are vitally important for the health of the maritime industry, and for the economy of the Nation," said Maritime Administrator Sean T. Connaughton.

The purpose of the grants is to make capital and infrastructure improvements that facilitate the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality of domestic ship construction, conversion or repair for commercial and federal government use. The grants cover a maximum of 75 percent of the estimated cost of improvements. The companies are responsible for the remainder.

Alaska Ship and Drydock , Ketchikan, Alaska $615,805 upgrade its metal equipment, machine shop, and painting equipment.
All American Marine, Inc., Bellingham, Washington $285,000 acquisition of metal cutting machinery and boat transfer equipment.
Brownsville Marine Products, LLC, Brownsville, Pennsylvania $532,226 hydraulic buggies, winches, mobile crane, jib and overhead cranes.
Colonna's Shipyard, Norfolk, Virginia, $825,000 1,000-ton travelift.
Conrad Shipyard, LLC, Morgan City, Louisiana $648,648 welding equipment and a range of tools.
Derecktor Shipyards Conn., LLC, Bridgeport, Connecticut $863,515 welding tank, welding machines, air casters, and hydraulic bender.
Duclos Corporation, Somerset, Massachusetts $628,300 railway assembly, upgrading and extending capacity of railway and dock extension.
Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Panama City, Florida $436,274 metal cutting equipment and a computer system.
Everett Shipyard, Inc., Everett, Washington $297,036 work stations and an overhead crane.
Great Lakes Shipyard, Cleveland, Ohio $546,000 80-ton mobile crane, a man lift and automated welding equipment.
Gulf Marine Repair Corp., Tampa, Florida $487,630 four cranes, two electric plate rollers, and other manufacturing equipment.
Horizon Shipbuilding, Inc., Bayou La Batre, Alabama $277,500 computerized plasma cutting table used to cut metal according to ship construction drawings and specifications.
Leevac Shipyards, LLC, Jennings, Louisiana, $66,068 software to expand its engineering capability.
Master Marine, Bayou La Batre, Alabama, $450,000 travelift.
Pacific Shipyards International, LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii $869,977 water blast system and a mobile crane.
R&R Marine Shipbuilding , Port Arthur, Texas $400,000 acquisition and installation of a stiffener fitting gantry, facility electrical upgrades and the cost to install a panel line fabrication facility.
Safe Boats, Port Orchard, Washington $579,084 acquisition and installation of router tables, information technology system upgrades and other machinery and equipment.
Todd Shipyards Corporation, Seattle, Washington $358,515 enlarge and renovate main assembly building.
Washburn & Doughty Associates, East Boothbay, Maine $633,422 acquisition and installation of pipe benders, inverter welding machines, hydraulic press brake, plus other equipment and machinery.

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