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Marine Log

April 22, 2008

NYK says tanker holed in attack

NYK Line has now provided additional information on yesterday's attack on its VLCC Takayama.

Crew members on board have confirmed the existence of a 20-millimeter hole on the port side near the stern of the ship. What NYK Line describes as "a few kiloliters" of fuel oil appear to have leaked through this hole, but the hole has since been patched. No increased risk of fire currently exists.

The ship manager, TMM, has reported to the Maritime Safety Agency that the weapon used by the small unidentified boat appeared to be a rocket launcher. However, says NYK Line, "this has not been confirmed. Therefore, we remain uncertain about the exact weapon fired."

Takayama arrived at the port of Aden at 9:30 a.m. Japan time today (around 3:30 a.m. local time). The tanker has been awaiting permission to berth from the port authority.

Classification society NK has dispatched an inspector to look over the vessel. The inspector will arrive in Aden on April 22. After the vessel berths and is inspected, NYK Line will decide how to proceed.

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