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Marine Log

April 16, 2008

Dubai delivers hull for first Aker H-6e semisubmersible

The hull substructure for the first Aker H-6e semi-submersible offshore drilling rig has started on a 50 days journey from Dubai to Stord in Norway.

Weighing 16,000 tonnes, equaling 16 000 cars, this is one of the largest drilling rigs to be towed.

The hull was constructed by Aker Solutions (the former Aker Kvaerner) at Drydocks World's Dubai yard and will be towed to Aker Solutions' yard at Stord, situated on the west coast of Norway.

At Stord, it will be mated with the topside facility and undergo further construction work prior to delivery.

The 120 meter long hull will be towed through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea, passing the western coasts of Spain and France, entering the North Sea before it reaches Stord in late May/early June.

Aker Solutions has designed and is building two H-6e drilling rigs--Aker Spitsbergen and Aker Barents--for Aker Drilling.

The H-6e rigs have been designed to meet the challenges of deepwater drilling operations in harsh environments.

H-6e rigs can drill in water depths up to 3,000 meters deep utilizing dynamic positioning, with a maximum drill string length of 10,000 meters.

Drilling operations will be mainly conducted within enclosed areas of the topside facilities, for safe, year-round operations.

Exposed operating and inspection areas are shielded from wind and water, and a variety of heating systems compensate for Arctic-weather conditions.

The H-6e hulls provide enhanced stability, so that drilling can continue in weather conditions that would require other rig designs to shut down.

The H-6e rig is the successor to the world's most widely proven semi-sumersible drilling rig design: Aker Solutions' H3 and H4 rigs, which continue to demonstrate over 30 years of excellent performance around the world.

Completed Aker H6e
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