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Marine Log

April 15, 2008

ODIM books contract for robotic anchor handling system


Maersk Supply Service has awarded ODIM ASA a contract worth some NOK 50 million (about US $10 million) for a new type of robotic anchor handling solution.

ODIM says it is the first commercial sale of a completely new generation of remotely operated anchor handling systems.

The robotic anchor handling solution, which gives top priority to safety on board, has been named ODIM RAHST (Remote Anchor Handling System). The system is due for delivery autumn 2009.

The system is the product of a long-term development collaboration between Maersk Supply Service, StatoilHydro, Innovation Norway and ODIM. Initiated in 2004 by the then Statoil group, the partnership was driven by the Statoil's need to reduce crews exposure during high-risk operations on anchor handling vessels.

"We're very pleased to be able to present the first commercial contract from this important collaboration," says ODIM chief executive Jogeir Romestrand. "With the ODIM RAHST we've succeeded, in cooperation with our partners, in developing the world's first robotic anchor handling solution. That will give our customers a substantial safety gain."

"We utilize a newly developed robotic arm which functions in principle in the same way as a remotely operated human arm," explains Vice President Jon Olav Kopperstad at ODIM's Offshore Supply segment.

The new hydraulic robotic arms function as extensions of the operator's own arms. They can lift, grip, turn and rotate a number of different components while at the same time the operator can easily feel the forces in play through the sensitive control system. The equipment is remotely controlled from the bridge.

"This solution allows hazardous anchor handling operations to be conducted without crew on deck, which is clearly in line with oil company ambitions to safeguard people in their service," says Jon Olav Kopperstad.

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