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Marine Log

UT 395

April 8, 2008

Rolls-Royce to design polar research vessel

Rolls-Royce has been selected to design a research vessel to carry out significant environmental research at both the North and South Poles.

The contract is with the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, but all Norwegian research institutes involved in polar research will be involved in both development and use of the vessel. It will be outfitted to cover a wide range of marine research operations, such as monitoring fishing stocks, meteorological studies, sea floor sampling and mapping.

The NVC 395 POLAR ship will be designed for operations in waters covered by ice up to one meter thick and will be classed to Polar 10 ice class.

Einar Vegsund, Rolls-Royce Design Manager, said: “The Institute has sought creativity in our design and we have drawn on our expertise in such ships to deliver a solution for a technology-intensive vessel that can operate in the harshest environments.”

The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research and the Norwegian Polar Institute act as consultant to Norwegian authorities, contributing to the maintenance of administration standards in Norwegian waters and polar areas to ensure they remain some of the best-preserved wilderness areas in the world.


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