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Marine Log

September 27, 2007

New fan control system from Delta T

NEW FAN CONTROL SYSTEMProper engine room ventilation takes a smart system. More than just an on-and-off switch, the new 600-DCT1-24 DC Fan Control System from Delta "T" Systems of Riviera Beach, Fla., is designed to automatically and efficiently manage temperature and ventilation. It also provides convenient low and high speed manual operation.

In the automatic mode, the state-of-the-art unit senses engine room temperature. As the space reaches 105 degrees F, it will start the fans at low speed. Running the fans at a reduced speed lowers the noise level generated and decreases the current draw by roughly 75%. This saves energy and eases the load on the electrical system. If the temperature continues to rise to 113 degrees F, the innovative DC Fan Control System will automatically set the fans to full speed. As the engine room cools, the fans will switch back to low speed and then turn off.

With manual mode, the operator can set the fan speed to low, high or off.

Capable of running multiples of two Delta "T" Systems DC Marine Axial Fans, the controller can manage up to four 11 inch or six 9 inch fans. The 9 inch fan employs 10 blades to produce high air flow volumes of 737 cu. ft. per minute. With 5 blades, the 11 inch fan supplies 1, 424 cu. ft. per minute.

Constructed for harsh marine conditions, the high-quality fans feature durable, black Teflon epoxy coating for unmatched corrosion resistance.

A flanged shroud and hub are made of indestructible glass-filled nylon.

The versatile 9 inch DC Marine Axial Fan can be used as a "pusher" or "puller." By simply removing the hub/shaft and reversing the hub, the air flow direction can be changed. The main control enclosure measures just 7 inches H x 4-3/4 inches W x 3-1/2 inches D.

With flexible mounting options, it is easy to install.

Adaptable, the resilient enclosure can be easily cabled from any direction. It is currently available in 24 volt DC with a 12 volt version coming soon. Maintenance free, the economical 600-DCT1-24 DC Fan Control System from Delta "T" Systems has a suggested retail price of $750. The powerful 9 inch and 11 inch DC Marine Axial Fans start at $200.