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Marine Log

September 13, 2007

Friede & Goldman selects AVEVA Marine

Engineering IT system supplier AVEVA (LSE: AVV) reports that Friede & Goldman (F&G) has selected AVEVA Marine.

AVEVA Marine combines two "best in class" solutions-- the industry-standard Tribon range and AVEVA's unique object-based technologies--to form what's claimed to be the "ultimate" set of marine design and engineering tools.

F&G will use AVEVA Marine to create intelligent 3D models of mobile offshore drilling and production units with the goal of shortening design cycle time and improving information handover and communication with clients.

"F&G's commitment to the tradition of independent offshore vessel design is what sets us apart from other design companies," commented Geoff Murphy, Marketing and Business Development Manager for Friede & Goldman. "Our design theories incorporate the needs and requirements of everyone involved from owners and operators to builders and crews. For this reason, we felt it was important to migrate our design process from a task-oriented, 2D approach to a comprehensive 3D modeling solution that would improve the quantity and quality of information available to our design team, contractors, and clients. We see AVEVA Marine as a tool that will not only make our design cycles shorter and more efficient, but also as a means of providing better information, and therefore support, to our shipyard clients. We are able to handover all of the information they need to continue into the detailed design and fabrication phase without interruption. This is a huge marketing advantage for us."

F&G selected AVEVA Marine after an evaluation of available software solutions for 3D marine design. "Information re-use is important to F&G, as new drilling unit designs are based upon, and improved upon lessons learned from the operation of earlier units," continued Mr. Murphy. "AVEVA Marine's datacentric approach will allow us to continually evolve and refine our designs without having to start from scratch on each project. Lastly, AVEVA's commitment to forward- and backward-data compatibility means that we will be able to access and use the information we need for years going forward."

"Companies like Friede & Goldman are turning to AVEVA Marine because projects can be carried out in a truly global, collaborative environment in which all participants have access to the same up-to-date accurate information," commented Rob Glasier, Executive Vice President for AVEVA and head of the Americas. "We are very pleased to have Friede & Goldman as a customer."