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S. Korea

Marine Log

October 2, 2007

First order for new MAN Diesel 50ME-B engines

Copenhagen-based shipping company TORM and China's Guangzhou Shipyard Intl. Co. Ltd. have signed a deal for seven 50,500 dwt chemical/product tankers to be built at GSI's facilities in China. The 6S50ME-B engines for these vessels will be delivered by DMD Dalian Marine Diesel. MAN Diesel will supervise construction, shoptests, on-site installation and commissioning of the engines, as well as participate in subsequent sea-trials.

The MAN B&W S50ME-B8 engines are the first two-stroke engines to be delivered with TCA 66 turbochargers with variable nozzle rings technology (VTA), which facilitate the control of the scavenging-air pressure and thereby compression and cylinder maximum pressure. This gives a large degree of freedom to secure the optimal balance between NOx-emission and fuel-oil consumption.

MAN Diesel enhanced its 50 cm-bore, low-speed engine program earlier this year with the launch of its MAN B&W S50ME-B type engine series. This added to the existing, small-bore MAN B&W S35ME-B and S40ME-B engines that were introduced in mid-2006.

The new S50ME-B engine strengthens a 50 cm-bore range that also includes the S50 ME C/MC-C/MC engine series, and that has a combined total of over 3,000 engines in service.

MAN Diesel is using the ME-B series to broaden the application of the ME concept in its small-bore and medium sized, two-stroke engines using the electronic, fuel-injection control already introduced in its large-bore engines.

All S50ME-B engines are available in five- to nine-cylinder variants.

The ME-B design is based on that of the existing, mechanical MC-C range and represents an upgrade with electronic controls that provide improved, operational economy and flexibility, and manoeuvrability.

The S50ME-B7/8 will have the same output and installation data as the corresponding S50MC-C/ME-C versions.

Additionally, a lower-rpm version with a higher power concentration aimed at new ship designs has been added to the series under the S50ME-B9 designation.

Data at L1 point Mark 7 Mark 8 Mark 9
Bore mm 500 500 500
Stroke mm 2000 2000 2214
MEP Bar 19 20 21
Speed r/min 127 127 117
Mean Piston Speed m/s 8.47 8.47 8.63
Power kW/cyl. 1580 1660 1780
SFOC g/kWh 163 - 170 170 169

The exhaust valve of the S50ME-B types is operated by a smaller camshaft than normal when compared with its MC-C counterpart.

The advanced, fuel-injection control is an efficient way of managing current and future environmental-emission requirements, with a fuel economy that is second to none in its class.

As with the larger MAN B&W ME-engines, the Alpha Lubricator comes as standard, ensuring a very low, cylinder lubricating-oil consumption as the advanced, electronic, user-friendly interface allows precise adjustment.