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Marine Log

November 30, 2007

San Francisco Bar Pilots conduct internal review

The San Francisco Bar Pilots have issued a statement to report on the internal review being conducted of their operations and procedures following the Cosco Busan incident of November 7, 2007.

"We have appointed a committee of pilots to examine the events of November 7, 2007, and report on the lessons learned from this review. This committee will make recommendations on what can be done to ensure continued safety of navigation and protection of the Bay environment we all enjoy in this area," said Captain Peter McIsaac, the president of the San Francisco Bar Pilots. "The San Francisco Bar Pilots direct nearly 10,000 vessel movements through San Francisco Bay and other Northern California waterways each year. We provide a vital economic service for shipping companies and the public. Safe navigation and protection of the environment are our highest priorities."

The San Francisco Bar Pilots internal review of its policies and procedures as well as OSPR's Harbor Safety Committee's plans will produce recommendations in the near future to improve shipping safety.

From the preliminary work conducted, the San Francisco Bar Pilots review committee is exploring ways to reduce the already remote chance of human error and may recommend requiring pilots to carry laptop computers or equivalent electronic aids aboard the vessels they direct.

Further areas of study may include possible vessel movement restrictions in critical maneuvering areas during heavy fog conditions.

Additionally, San Francisco Bar Pilots will be working with Bay area state lawmakers to conduct a review of Bay Area bridge protection designed to deflect and absorb energy and lessen the probability of an oil spill in the event of future allisions, as well as with the U. S. Coast Guard on buoying the towers and piers of the bridges.