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S. Korea

Marine Log

November 30, 2007

MacGregor moves into Asian service market

MacGregor has taken a significant step in the Asian offshore service market by completing a major liquid cargo handling order for Malaysian operator Bumi Armada

It involved overhaul and upgrade of the cargo handling control system on the 201 m FPSO vessel Armada Perkasa.

Work commenced on the vessel while it was at anchor off Pasir Puteh in Malaysia and continued at Keppel Shipyard in Singapore in early August.

Leong Kok Hoe, Regional Manager for Asia said: "This order is very significant for us as it is the first major success that we have had since the establishment of a new business unit focusing on liquid cargo handling, headed by Lim Thiam Kwee. Naturally, we could not have achieved this without the support of MacGregor's established and highly experienced service network and its personnel."

MacGregor's service team undertook three distinct projects: the first covered overhaul work on the cargo handling control system; the second involved a system upgrade; the third saw the overhaul of deck machinery.

Elements overhauled included valves in the 59 hydraulic actuators, the hydraulic power pack, accumulators and a new starter box; and the hydraulic lines were also flushed.

The second and larger part of the contract called upon MacGREGOR to undertake service work comprising a system upgrade and adding eight remotely-operated open/close valves; and the supply and installation of a new valve control unit and valve stand. MacGregor undertook the design, manufacture and factory acceptance tests for the new valve stands and the cargo control console.

MacGregor also supplied and installed eight new remotely-operated butterfly valves, and hook-up to the new valve control unit, valve stand and mimic. The work renewed the pump room control station and the operation of all 47 valves. Work on the additional eight open/close valves was in the same area as the electrical controls and now provides more accurate positional feedback.

New multi-core tubing, eight sets of new actuators, and new butterfly MSJ valves were also delivered by MacGregor.

It will install, flush and pressure test all the new tubing on deck and in the tanks and the work will come with a one-year warranty.