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Marine Log

November 16, 2007

IMO moves to speed up GHG work

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is looking to accelerate its work program on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships.

The aim is to enable its Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) to take an earlier decision on measures to control and reduce such emissions.

Speaking to the IMO Council today, Secretary-General Efthimios E. Mitropoulos said he would present a proposal at the next MEPC meeting in March/April 2008. It looks probable that key elements of IMO's revised greenhouse gas study and other parts of the work program will now be ready in sufficient time for the MEPC to make decisions on this topic at its 58th session, in the Autumn of 2008.

Mr. Mitropolous said that IMO and the international maritime community need to demonstrate their determination to be in the front line of the global campaign to tackle the greenhouse gas threat to the global climate without delay.

The MEPC is currently working in line with an approved work plan and timetable. In addition to the update of the 2000 IMO Study on GHG Emissions from Ships, the work includes development of a CO2 Emission Indexing Scheme, a CO2 emission baseline and technical, operational and market-based methods to achieve a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. All of these were originally planned to be finalized by July 2009.

Secretary-General Mitropoulos's call for an acceleration of the work plan has been endorsed by the MEPC Chairman, Mr. Andreas Chrysostomou of Cyprus.