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Marine Log

UT 788 CD

May 30, 2007

Rolls-Royce develops new design for Ezra

Rolls-Royce has won a contract worth approximately GBP 50 million to supply an integrated system of design and equipment for two advanced offshore vessels to be built for Lewek Shipping, a subsidiary of Ezra Holdings. Rolls-Royce has long been a major supplier of equipment to Ezra, but this is the first order for design and equipment for the Singapore-based company.

A new design has been developed to meet the shipowner's requirements and has been given the type name UT 788 CD. Singapore based Pan-United Marine will build the vessels.

These vessels will have many capabilities: ultra-deepwater anchorhandling, towing, supply and standby duties. They will also be suited for the optional future activities such as subsea construction, ROV intervention, maintenance and repair work.

Minimizing the vessel's effect on the environment has been high on the list of requirements. Lloyd's Register EP notation is specified, covering emissions from engine exhaust and discharges to sea and air. Double bottom and double skin construction protect fuel tanks and potentially polluting cargo in the event of collision or grounding.

To cut fuel consumption and reduce emissions Rolls-Royce has developed a hybrid propulsion system. Only the engines necessary to supply the load need to be run, and they can run at an efficient rating. Electric motors can supplement the main engines when high power is required on the propellers. Conversely, two retractable azimuth thrusters enable the UT 788 CD to proceed at low speed with a very low fuel consumption and also provide part of the dynamic positioning capacity.

Crew safety is enhanced by the Rolls-Royce Safer Deck Operations system. Remote controlled travelling cranes and manipulators, pennant wire winder and other equipment are used to reduce the amount of risky crew work needed on deck during anchorhandling operations. A powerful three drum winch, two secondary winches and large rig chain lockers are provided for ultra-deepwater anchorhandling.

The first of the UT 788 CD multifunctional vessels is due for delivery in the first half of 2009, with the sister following in the second half of that year.