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Marine Log

May 25, 2007

B.C. Ferries sues Transportation Safety Board

Canada's Globe and Mail reports that B.C. Ferries is asking the B.C. Supreme Court to order the federal Transportation Safety Board to return a key piece of hardware from the Queen of the North.

The ferry sank less than two hours after grounding on March 22, 2006. The incident claimed two lives.

The Globe and Mail story says the legal tussle could delay the release of the board's final report into the sinking.

B.C. Ferries wants the TSB to turn over the computer hard drive from the ship's electronic chart system, which was recovered from the wreck last June.

"The system recorded the final movements of the vessel and is key to determining whether or not the bridge crew made any effort to alter course before the ferry ran aground on March 22, 2006," notes the Globe and Mail story.

B.C. Ferries says it needs to analyze the data from the system in order to respond to the board's draft report into the accident.

It is asking the court to order the hard drive returned and to order the agency not to release its final report until then.