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Marine Log

May 22, 2007

Ezra orders ultra-large multipurpose offshore support vessel

Lewek Shipping, a unit of Singapore's Ezra Holdings Limited has awarded Labroy Shipbuilding and Engineering a US$25.6 million contract, which excludes owner furnished equipment, to build an ultra-large pipe laying, accommodation, well service & maintenance vessel to to be delivered by the first half of 2009.

The vessel will be the second of its kind in Ezra's fleet after Hull 600, and the second to be equipped with a Class DP2 Dynamic Positioning system, upgradable to DP3.

"This latest vessel can be used for all types of deepwater work in demanding weather conditions," says Ezra MD Lionel Lee. "Our scheduled fleet delivery not only meets the strong offshore demand but will also help drive our earnings beyond FY2008. We have strategically grown our fleet and capabilities so that Ezra can provide oil majors an integrated range of offshore support services and work closely with them as their total solutions provider in the field, thus enhancing our competitive edge."

The vessel will be engineered, like its sister vessels for safety, efficiency and speed to provide pipe-laying, maintenance, installation, well service and construction services to deep water rigs and platforms.

It can accommodate 500 men and meets high safety and living standards for long sea voyages, as well as offshore construction and production projects.

Ezra will finance the construction of the vessel through a combination of internal funds and bank borrowings.

The Ultra-large Accommodation, Well Service & Maintenance Vessel will be approximately 125 meters long, and will be able to provide hotel standard accommodations, complying with MODU code safety standards, for up to 500 men.

Its DP capability will enable the vessel to also provide maintenance, installation and construction services to deep water rigs and platforms. It will have the ability to carry out hook-ups, survey and inspection projects with appropriate equipment support.

In addition to DP, the vessel's position keeping capabilities will include an 8-point mooring system.

Heli Deck facilities will be designed to the highest CAA UK CAP 437 standards allowing Sirkosky 61N, 92N & Super Puma helicopters to be deployed.

The DP system (Class DP2) will comprise six powerful azimuth and tunnel thrusters.