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Marine Log

May 18, 2007

Coast Guard seeks refund from ICGS

Senator Maria Cantwell (D. WA.) is praising a Coast Guard move to recoup damages for the flawed program to convert 110 ft patrol boats to 123 ft boats.

Yesterday, the Coast Guard wrote Deepwater contractor ICGS (a Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman joint venture) notifying it that it will revoke acceptance of the eight converted 123-foot patrol boats because they do not meet performance specifications listed in the contract. The Coast Guard will also seek damages for ICGS failures.

"I applaud the Coast Guard for taking this critically important step to recoup millions of dollars wasted by the contractor," said Cantwell, Chair of the Senate Coast Guard Subcommittee. "We must continue to hold ICGS responsible for these flawed ships that fall far short of contract requirements. Taxpayers should not get stuck with this bill. We will keep on this issue until we fix Deepwater."