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Marine Log

May 16, 2007

Navy ponders Coastal Patrol Boats

The Naval Sea Systems Command has issued a "Sources Sought Notice" saying it is conducting a market survey for a potential requirement for two coastal patrol boats (CPBs). It is not a request for proposal, and no solicitation or additional information is available at this time. The purpose of the notice is to determine the presence of potential offerors and suppliers.

The proposed CPB must be in military, paramilitary or police service in a similar configuration with at least two in-service years with those users.

Operational Requirements: The CPB is expected to be fully operational in unprotected offshore waters up to sea state 4 and be survival up to sea state 6. The CPB will patrol on-station at speeds less than 12 knots (80 to 90 percent of operating engine hours).

General Dimensions and Performance: Maximum Length (LOA) will be around 70-80 ft, Maximum Beam about 20 ft and Maximum Draft (Full Load) about 6 feet. Maximum Speed (Full Load) about 25 knots, Cruise Speed (Full Load) under 16 knots and Patrol Speed (Best economical speed) about 8 to 12 knots. Minimum Range at Cruise Speed will be about 400 nautical miles

The CPB should be either an all-welded steel or aluminum construction in accordance with ABS High Speed Naval Craft guidelines with a minimum of three watertight/gastight compartments and two-compartment damage stability for sea state 4.

It will have a single mount for a .50 caliber MG forward of the pilot house with a forward 180 degree arc of fire. It will be capable of launching/recovering a six-person Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) with inboard diesel waterjet propulsion via a stern ramp up to sea state 3.

Propulsion: Twin propulsion arrangement with a common-rail Main Propulsion Diesel Engines and attached gearbox with ahead, neutral and astern modes.

The CPB Crew Compliment will be eight persons plus two guests.

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Contacts are:

Suzanne Blagg, Contract Specialist, [email protected], 202-781-2579

Mr. Stephen Piasecki, Contracting Officer, [email protected], 202-781-2969