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May 11, 2007

Ports, ferries get DHS security grants

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) yesterday announced final awards totaling $445 million in Infrastructure Protection Program grants to ports, transit, and intercity bus systems.

"These grants will help to protect our nation's critical infrastructure from threats and hazards that could cause major loss of life, economic impact, and disruption of services," said Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Michael Jackson. "These risk-based investments will increase security for vital assets such as ports, mass transit systems, long-distance bus carriers, chemical facilities, and nuclear power plants."

Port Security Grant Program (PSGP): $202 million (Tiers I IV) The FY 2007 PSGP will provide a total of $202 million to 183 public and private entities to create sustainable, risk-based efforts to protect critical port infrastructure from terrorism. Eight of the highest risk port regions were placed in Tier I and were eligible to apply for a combined total of $120 million, or roughly 60 percent of total FY 2007 PSGP funding. Port areas in Tiers II, III and IV were eligible to compete for the additional 40 percent of available funds. Funding priorities included training, exercises, and other activities to mitigate the risk of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and to improve employee credentialing and access controls.

In some cases, multiple port areas were grouped together to reflect geographic proximity, shared risk, and a common waterway.

Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP): 17 ferry systems in 13 regions will receive a total of $7.2 million.

Overview: FY2007 Infrastructure Protection Program Final Awards