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Marine Log

May 8, 2007

Rigdon takes delivery of fast crewboat

Larry Rigdon, President and CEO of Rigdon Marine Corporation reports that the company is now operating another new generation crewboat: RIGDON SAILFISH.

The RIGDON SAILFISH was delivered by Midship Marine of Harvey, Louisiana after being christened by Mrs. Donna Joseph, wife of Rigdon Marine Corporation Crewing Coordinator, Larry Joseph. The vessel was then immediately deployed under long-term contract to a major oil company in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

"The delivery of another very capable crewboat further enhances our ability to meet the demanding expectations of a special client base focused on high quality operations using the most capable equipment available," said Nathan Guice, Vice President FSV/Crewboat Operations. "And, let me tell you, the RIGDON SAILFISH is an amazing vessel that is up to the task. However, we expect as much from the Hinojosa brothers and Midship Marine as their workmanship, commitment to quality and can-do attitude are first class."

The RIGDON SAILFISH is 176 feet by 32 feet by 13 feet and is powered by four Cummins KTA 50 M3 engines, capable of 1,800 hp each. This output is channeled through four Hamilton HM811 waterjets. The crewboat also has a 200 hp bow thruster.

The vessel's cargo capacities are very large at 30,000 gallons of water, 34,500 gallons of fuel and an approved deck loading limit of 230 long tons

"This vessel is ideal for difficult operations far from shore," says Nathan Guice. "The RIGDON SAILFISH was built to ABS Fire Fighting Class I standards and incorporates an ABS classed DPS-1 station keeping system for enhanced staying power next to offshore structures. And it can transport up to eighty passengers safely and comfortably."

"Finally," he said, "the vessel is fast, maintaining 33 knots on trials. It is truly an amazing vessel!"

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with operations in New Orleans, Louisiana, Rigdon Marine is a U.S. flagged vessel operator and provider of high capacity platform support vessels, crewboats and fast supply vessels primarily for the Gulf of Mexico market.