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Marine Log

May 8, 2007

Vinashin licensed to build Wartsila diesels

Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (Vinashin) and Wartsila Switzerland Ltd, a subsidiary of Wartsila Corporation, jointly signed a license agreement for the manufacture and sale of Wartsila low-speed marine diesel engines in Vietnam.

The agreement grants Vinashin the right to manufacture certain types of Wartsila modern low-speed engine types between 48 and 82 cm bore size at its works in Vietnam. The first delivery of a Wartsila engine is scheduled for the beginning of 2010, with production building up to a targeted annual output of 30 to 40 engines.

The license agreement provides the growing Vietnamese shipbuilding industry with the latest technology for low-speed diesel engines including the electronically-controlled common-rail technology.

Support for the manufacture of Wartsila low-speed engines will be provided by Wartsila's Switzerland company which is the group's center of excellence for the design, development, research, marketing, licensing, servicing and support of Wartsila low-speed engines.

Prior to this license agreement, Wartsila low-speed engines had already been ordered by Vinashin for import from Japan and Poland.

Two 56,000 dwt bulk carriers being built by Vinashin for Dutch owners are each vessel being powered by a six-cylinder Wartsila RT-flex50 engine. They are due for delivery in 2008.