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Marine Log

May 4, 2007

Wartsila acquires U.K. propeller repairer

Wartsila has acquired the U.K.-based propeller repair company McCall Propellers Ltd. The company's net sales are EUR 9.4 million and number of employees 33.

McCall Propellers is the largest marine propulsion support services company based in the U.K. specializing in emergency repair of propeller equipment.

"We are very pleased to add McCall Propellers to the Wartsila organization," says Tage Blomberg, Group Vice President, Services at Wartsila. "The knowledge and experience in propeller repair that McCall Propellers brings to Wartsila further broadens our comprehensive propulsion services offering globally."

The acquired company has purpose-built repair facilities next to Glasgow Airport, and work is carried out either in the workshop or on site anywhere in the world.