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Marine Log

March 29, 2007

New Chinese diesel manufacturer racks up orders

Newly established Chinese low-speed diesel manufacturer CSSC-MES Diesel Co. Ltd. (CMD) has been filling its order books in record time. It already has orders for 61 large bore engines--making it fifth on the list of MAN Diesel's 17 two-stroke licensees in terms of orders. Its first engine is due for delivery at the end of October.

"I am very impressed by CMD and the fantastic order book they have already managed to compile, even before their production facility has been fully built," says Ole Grone, Senior Vice Preside

CMD is a joint venture between Chinese shipbuilding giant CSSC, its independent Shanghai-based Hudong Heavy Machinery (HHM) division and Japan's Mitsui.

HHM is China's largest manufacturer of marine diesel-engines and has been a MAN Diesel licensee since 1980.

Mitsui's contribution is based on its long tradition of producing MAN B&W engines, where it is renowned for its high build-quality as well as its experience within volume production--qualities that will be put to good use in the new plant.

Mitsui has held a MAN Diesel license since 1926 and, by 2005, had built a staggering total of 50 million bhp in large diesel engines.

As the first large bore, two stroke engine producer operating in China, CMD will produce 98-cm bore engines, initially manufacturing eight MAN B&W 8K98MC engines.

The engines are bound for Jiangnan shipyard for use aboard ships operated by COSCO, the Chinese, state-owned shipping company.

The CMD order book includes an additional, extensive series of 80- and 90-cm bore engines destined for large containerships and VLCCs.