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Marine Log

March 15, 2007

Vintage ferry back in service

Washington State Ferries Director of Marine Operations Traci Brewer-Rogstad said yesterday that the M/V Klickitat had been successfully repaired overnight at Todd Shipyard, Seattle, and would return that afternoon on the Port Townsend/Keystone run.

"We are relieved to report that we can return service this afternoon at 2:15 PM from Port Townsend. Due to the commitment and collaboration of Washington State Ferries, Todd Shipyard and the Coast Guard, the M/V Klickitat was drydocked yesterday afternoon and repairs to the hull were completed early this morning. Testing was successful and the vessel crews are preparing for transit from Seattle to Port Townsend." says Ms. Brewer-Rogstad. "Safety is always our first concern, but quickly returning service to our ferry riders and communities has been a great relief."

The 1927-built Klickitat was removed from service on the Port Townsend-Keystone route on Monday after a crack in the hull plating was detected. The ferry run was closed for two days until the vessel could be repaired or another vessel became available to replace it.

Once the vessel was drydocked on Tuesday afternoon, experts determined the crack was 6-inches-long with a 3-inch crack extending up the bulkhead. Repairs included completely replacing a hull plating measuring 18 inches by 9 inches. The total cost of repairs is estimated to be around $50,000