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Marine Log

March 14, 2007

Merchant mariner files lost

The Coast Guard Investigative Service has opened an investigation into 50 merchant mariner files missing from a sealed box sent via FedEx.

A box sent by Coast Guard Regional Examination Center New Orleans was delivered Feb. 28 by FedEx to a Coast Guard processing center in Kearneysville, W.Va.

After noting the box had come unsealed in transit, Coast Guard personnel conducted an inventory based on the pre-packaged inventory provided by the staff in New Orleans The inventory determined 50 files were missing.

FedEx is cooperating in the Coast Guard investigation and is contiuing its search for the missing files.

"At this time we have no confirmation of misuse of mariner information resulting from the records loss, but we are urging mariners to be vigilant" said Tina Bassett, chief of the Coast Guard's mariner services division. "The Coast Guard has notified individual mariners of their missing file, and requested they call us regarding any actual or suspected identity theft associated with their lost file."

Since Social Security numbers and other personal information were in the files, mariners affected by this loss have been advised to monitor financial accounts for suspicious activity and review their credit reports.