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Marine Log

March 12, 2007

GE offers LM2500+G4 for cruise ships

GE has announced that it is now offering its LM2500+G4 gas turbine for cruise ship applications.

Cruise ship owners and operators can now select the LM2500+G4 gas turbine for similar configurations and uses as our LM2500+ and LM2500 gas turbines," said Brien Bolsinger, GE Marine general manager, at the Seatrade Cruise Shipping event in Miami.

"The LM2500+G4 is the latest version in our LM2500 gas turbine family, providing a 17 percent increase in power over the LM2500+ at ISO conditions," Bolsinger added.

Twenty-six GE aeroderivative marine gas turbines have logged 500,000 hours providing propulsion and onboard service on 17 cruise ships.

The gas turbines in cruise ship service are configured in two different types of arrangements: 16 LM2500+ gas turbines are the basis for a COmbined Gas turbine and steam turbine integrated Electric drive System (COGES) used aboard four Celebrity Cruises and four Royal Caribbean International cruise ships; and six LM2500+ and four LM2500 gas turbines are used in COmbined Diesel And Gas turbine arrangements aboard four Princess Cruises, one Cunard Line and four Holland American Line cruise ships.

The gas turbines for all the cruise ship applications mentioned were manufactured at GE Marine's Evendale, Ohio facility and packaged at GE Energy's Houston, Texas plant.

High Reliability

GE says that preventative maintenance programs contribute to high reliability of gas turbines aboard cruise ships, and is scheduled to complement cruise ship itineraries. In fact, because of these preventative measures, engines have accumulated over 30,000 hours without maintenance.

Average time between maintenance activities, including hot section refurbishment, has significantly exceeded initial estimates. As a result, ship operators realize reduced maintenance costs and increased flexibility in maintenance planning.

Normal inspections and monitoring have helped operators plan maintenance events. For instance, gas generator exchanges have been scheduled during port stays, with the plant ready to return to service in less than nine hours.


Recently, with GE assistance, ship operators have incorporated operation with soy- and palm-based biodiesel fuels in their LM2500+ gas turbines, with outstanding service success (Marine Gas Oil normally fuels the 26 GE gas turbines currently operating on cruise ships). GE believes there is potential for the use of biodiesel in a variety of commercial marine applications as well as with the military--both in the United States and abroad--and with industrial customers.