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Marine Log

Sevan Hummingbird starts dry tow

March 9, 2007

Yantai-Raffles delivers round FPSO

Yantai Raffles has delivered the second FPSO to use Sevan Marine ASA's cylinder-shaped offshore platform technology.

The Sevan Hummingbird left Yantai Raffles Shipyard in China yesterday. The platform was placed onboard a dry tow vessel and is on its way to the Keppel Verolme Shipyard in Rotterdam, where the installation of the process plant will take place.

The expected transit time is 35 days.

Later this year, the Sevan Hummingbird will be installed on the Chestnut Field in the central U.K. North Sea, under a contract with Venture Production Plc.

With an overall length of 65.15 m and overall width of 64.3 m, the platform has an oil storage capacity of 300,000 barrels and an offloading capacity of 3,600 cu.m per hour.

Living quarters, offices and communal facilities are provided for a crew of 44.

In comparison to a conventional monohull FPSO, the round shaped vessel generally uses less surface (or "hullsteel") to contain the same volume. The weight, at 9,700 metric tonnes, is therefore considerably less than a conventional FPSO with the same storage capacity.

A further advantage is that the unit is less sensitive to wave induced motions.