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Marine Log

March 8, 2007

CNO: Lockheed LCS could be cancelled

CNO Adm. Michael Mullen today told a breakfast meeting of defense writers that Lockheed Martin Corp. could lose part of its Littoral Combat Ship contract, depending on the results of a pending review.

In January, the Navy ordered Lockheed to halt work for 90 days on the LCS-3 because of soaring costs.

Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter will decide in the next few weeks "whether to move to termination or to continue the program for LCS 3," Mullen said in answer to a question.

"We've got to sort out where we are before we make a decision on whether or not we continue LCS-3," Mullen said.

Asked how seriously the Navy was considering termination of the Lockheed LCS, Mullen said, "All options are on the table right now." He added, "I couldn't tell you which way it's going to go at this point. I really don't know."