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Marine Log

Seascape 1

March 7, 2007

FBMA Marine launches ferry for Australia's Sea SA

FBMA Marine Inc., Cebu, Philippines has launched its hull 1023.

Seascape 1 is a 50 m all aluminum Ropax ferry for South Australian operator Sea SA with a capacity of 300 passengers, 65 cars and four trucks. Service speed is 18 knots.

Sea Scape 1 will replace the existing vessel Seaway--built by FBMA in 2003--on a new South Australian route crossing between Wallaroo and Lucky bay on the Spencer Gulf.

The vessel is designed by Sea Transport Solutions of Queensland, Australia. Using an innovative all aluminum design, developed from Sea Transport's well proven catamaran designs to meet the route and infrastructure requirements of South Australia, Seascape 1 will provide six daily crossings on its route.

Sea Scape 1 will now undergo a series of sea trials before commencing its 5,000 mile delivery voyage from the Philippines to the Spencer Gulf in Australia.

Hull Length 50.6 m
Beam 16.5 m
Draft, Loaded 1.6 m