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Marine Log

March 1, 2007

Rochester fast ferry on the move

The City of Rochester's fast ferry was on the move from Halifax to Shelburne, Nova Scotia, this week. And according to Rochester's News 10NBC, potential buyers from Germany's FRC Ferries were on board.

FRC Ferries is understood to be one of three potential buyers interested in the ferry should a long delayed deal with Euroferries of the U.K. fall through.

It has been ten months since Rochester reported a $29.8 million deal with Euroferries, but thus far the U.K. company has not come up with the cash.

The ferry was moved to Halifax from Rochester last year ahead of the annual closing of the St. Lawrence Seaway. It has been moved to a less expensive berth at Shelburne as a cost saving move.

FRC Ferries would use the ferry on its route between Spain and Morocco.