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Marine Log

June 19, 2007

New software extends DNV capabilities

DNV (Det Norske Veritas) has selected a software solution from CD-adapco that, it says, "will be a valuable addition to the DNV tool box."

DNV will use the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution to provide accurate and reliable estimation of slamming and sloshing loads, which are critical for the design and operation of both ships and offshore structures.

structures in waves or related fluid flow problems.

Dr Bo Cerup-Simonsen, head of DNV Maritime Technical Consulting and DNV Fellow in computational mechanics, says the shipping and energy industries are faced with new challenges, requiringr novel designs and technologies.

"For shipping," says Cerup-Simonsen, "this concerns among others, container and LNG vessels as well as more specialized ships. The lack of experience for a novel design demands accurate prediction of loads, motions, resistance and propulsion efficiency. For example, slamming pressures on the bow and aft part of the ship and sloshing effects in LNG tanks are some of the areas that are critical and challenging. This new computational fluid dynamics solution combined with our world-class competence will extend our capabilities to better meet this demand."

CD-adapco has a long history of successful partnerships with leading companies in both the maritime and petrochemical industries. The company has invested heavily in providing capabilities within its software that meet the most challenging problems within these industries.

"We are delighted that DNV, with its global presence and as one of the 'big-three' classification societies, has justified this investment by choosing our software. By working closely with DNV, we intend to further refine our technology to meet the industry demands," says Dr Dennis Nagy, CD-adapco's Vice President of Marketing and Business Development and Director for the Energy Sector.

Simulating sloshing behavior

DNV's engineers will use CD-adapco's STAR-CCM+ to tackle problems involving sloshing resonance. Liquid motion resonance can lead to sloshing impacts at sharp corners and knuckles inside tanks, with a potential risk of damage. The software will allow DNV to simulate sloshing behavior driven by a wide range of sea-conditions, allowing engineers both to visualize the liquid motion and to identify critical events that may cause high sloshing induced impact forces. DNV will also use STAR-CCM+ for the analysis of vortex induced vibration and for general six-degree-of freedom free-surface calculations.


Written "from the ground up" using object-oriented programming and the latest software technology combined with outstanding ease-of-use and accuracy, STAR-CCM+ is an entirely new concept in computational fluid dynamics.

From CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to post-processing, STAR-CCM+ delivers the entire computational fluid dynamics process in a single integrated software environment. This approach is claimed to bring "unrivaled ease-of-use and automation to CAD preparation, meshing, model set-up and iterative design studies, enabling engineers to deliver better results, faster."