Are IMO regulations tough enough to keep national governments from imposing stricter measures?

Only partly
No--expect a slew of regional regs!

Marine Log

June 18, 2007

Japanese yard adopts FORAN

Spain's SENER Ingenieria y Sistemas. S.A. is planning a major effort to make its FORAN ship design and construction system the system of reference in the Japanese shipbuilding market.

This follows the inking of a breakthrough contract with Japan's Sanoyas Hishino Meisho Corporation which has signed a contract for the use of FORAN as its new shipbuilding 3D CAD software after an exhaustive selection process.

Although Sanoyas has used a 3D CAD system developed by a major Japanese shipbuilder, when seeking its next shipbuilding system it made a comparison of the different systems available in the market, in order to achieve further integration of design and production as well as efficient design with a core focus on a modern 3D CAD system.

Sanoyas eliminated almost half of the candidate systems using exhaustive questionnaires regarding ship hull and outfitting. It then studied various operational issues through presentations, joint training courses and demonstrations and reached the conclusion that FORAN would be the most appropriate system. In the last stage of the selection process, experienced ship hull and outfitting design engineers from Sanoyas analyzed the prospective system by conducting three-weeks training and workshop in Spain. The evaluation concluded with a full study of the support strategy for the system, which had to be fully adapted to Japanese shipyard needs, as well as a thorough technical assessment.

The first group of Sanoyas super-users will start their advanced training in Spain in late June.

The Implementation plan spans a period of four years, between 2007 and 2010, during which period a steadily growing number of seats and services will be supplied.

SENER's Okayama office will provide intensive local support when the system enters into actual production at Sanoyas's Mizushima Works and Shipyard.