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Marine Log

June 1, 2007

Aveva introduces new marine portfolio

Aveva, a leading provider of plant and marine design and engineering lifecycle solutions, yesterday introduced a portfolio of integrated design and production products combined with lifecycle management solutions. It said that the Aveva Marine portfolio "provides the fastest, most productive and risk-free way to design, build and operate large, complex ships and offshore vessels."

The portfolio supports all stages of a vessel lifecycle from concept, through design, production, maintenance and refit to decommissioning.

A set of lifecycle management capabilities (workflow, change, configuration, document management) enables all the work processes and information networks (people, tasks, plans, drawings, models, documents and materials) to be integrated and managed, to ensure that materials, document deliverables and all resources get to the right place, at the right time, in a controlled and auditable manner.

Web-based project collaboration and information sharing of project data.

Integrated Schematic Model and 3D Model. The most productive integrated hull and outfitting design applications for a clash–free, production-friendly design. Automatic accurate and complete production information for parts manufacture. Integrated hull and outfitting assembly production information to support efficient assembly with the minimum of rework in production. Global project execution.

Aveva Net , an open PLM solution for the marine industry enables the various information networks in a project (to be linked together to provide a single structured view of all the engineering information in context. It then allows this information to be shared, exploited and managed, in a collaborative way, across the globe.

Aveva Initial Design is an integrated suite of programs for naval architects. It includes functions for hull form definition and fairing, appendage modelling, internal arrangements, and hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis.

Aveva Hull Structural Design is used for the preliminary definition and arrangement of the principal structure of a vessel. It enables production of classification drawings, steel material estimates, weld lengths, and weight and centre of gravity reports.

Aveva Hull Detailed Design is used for the detailed design and creation of production information for the structure of a vessel. It handles the complete evolution and flow of information, from the use of customized parametric design standards, structural modelling and automatic parts generation, through to production information for parts manufacture. Output includes drawings, parts lists, and numeric control information for production machines.

Aveva Marine Diagrams is an intelligent P&ID application which stores the created P&IDs directly in the model database.

Aveva P&ID 3D Integrator provides data consistency between P&IDs and the Outfitting 3D model data. The application can be used to build the 3D model from P&ID data, or to associate an existing 3D model with a P&ID, so that inconsistencies can be highlighted and corrected during design development.

Aveva Outfitting is a datacentric, multi-disciplinary design environment for detailed design and the creation of production information for vessels. Outfitting has modules for the design of equipment, piping, HVAC, miscellaneous steel structures and cable trays. Modeling is carried out using a customer-defined catalogue and specification, in a full 3D environment, with the support of tools that ensure a clash-free design. A full range of outfitting drawings and production information can be produced automatically from the model.

Aveva Multi-Discipline Supports automatically models supports, incorporating customer standards and using the knowledge of the layout of the items to be supported. It includes intelligent modeling of pads, sliding shoes, straps and U-bolt clips, with a full range of profiles for the support structure. Manufacturing drawings can be automatically created with dimensions and annotations.

Aveva Cable Design is an application for the design of cables including their routing in cableways and through penetrations. Output includes cable schedules with routes, cable cutting lists, and material take-off.

Aveva Room Design is an application for the design of vessel rooms, including functions for walls, ceilings and furniture. Output includes layout drawings, parts lists, and material take-offs.

Aveva Laser Model Interface adds to Outfitting a tool for working with as-built 3D model data by interfacing with point cloud data from laser scanning systems.

Aveva Pipe Stress Interface provides a two-way interface for the exchange of information between Outfitting and the CAESAR II pipe stress system. Piping designers and stress engineers can exchange design and stress information seamlessly, without duplicating information.

Aveva Clash Manager Clash Manager provides comprehensive identification, recording, trend analysis, and management of the resolution of clashes.

Aveva Hull Drafting Hull Drafting has functions for the automatic creation of symbolic-type hull drawings from the model database, as well as general 2D drafting functions.

Aveva Assembly Planning Assembly Planning supports the creation of the production assembly sequence by creating a vessel build strategy, followed by the detailed assembly definition and preparation of assembly production information.

Aveva Hull Weld Planning generates high-precision welding information. It analyses hull assembly structures and uses customisable rules to calculate a full set of technical weld information. Flexible reporting tools allow the extraction of data for robot welding systems or work content calculations.

Aveva Global allows users at multiple sites to work on line together on the same project. It controls the release of data to each site and ensures that all users have access to the latest approved data.

Aveva Review is a powerful 3D visualization tool for large, complex marine models. With features such as walk-through, animation, and high-quality photo-realistic images, Review lets the user analyze designs and communicate complex ideas.