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Marine Log

July 16, 2007

First orders for MAN Diesel 7K80ME-C, Mark-9

MAN Diesel has received the first order for its 7K80ME-C, Mark-9 engine.

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) will build four of the engines for the A.P. Moller Group. They are intended for containerships to be constructed by the Korea's Hanjin Group.

MAN Diesel says that the K80ME-C Mark-9 engine is extremely competitive in terms of production costs and cost per kW.

The engine represents a comprehensive update of its Mark-6 predecessor with boosted power and adopts a number of design features also shared by the S65ME-C engine.

As an ME-engine, says MAN Diesel, the 7K80ME-C9 is characterized by:

  • a low SFOC and superior performance due to variable, electronically controlled fuel-timing
  • appropriate fuel-injection pressure and rate-shaping at any engine-speed load
  • flexible emission characteristics with low Nox and smokeless operation
  • perfect engine balance with equalized thermal load in and between cylinders
  • longer time between overhauls
  • very low speed possible even for extended duration and super-dead-slow maneuvering
  • individually tailored operating modes
  • fully integrated Alpha Cylinder Lubricators featuring very low oil-consumption
  • a lighter design than its mechanical counterpart

Mean effective pressure is set at 20 bar, with maximum firing pressure at 160 bar. At 104 r/min and a mean piston speed of 9 m/s, the K80ME-C9 yields a power per cylinder of 4,530 kW/cyl.

Features that will be used during construction to reduce production costs, while maintaining reliability and extended intervals between overhauls, include an optional, welded cylinder-frame that offers increased rigidity at lower weight, an Oros combustion chamber that contributes to low wear-rates and good scuffing resistance, and the choice of an engine-driven or electronic oil-supply design.

Distance between cylinders is also reduced, making the 7-cylinder Mark-9 engine approximately a half-meter shorter than the Mark 6.

The 7K80ME-C9 matches engines of a higher bore in terms of power output per cylinder. It also meets IMO-stipulated emission and noise regulations, displaying flexible emission characteristics with low NOx and smokeless operation.