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Marine Log


July 6, 2007

Delivery of 100th UT 755

Today's delivery of the platform supply vessel Dina Supplier is also the delivery of vessel no. 100 of what is probably the most popular offshore vessel design ever: UT 755 from Rolls-Royce. Never before have so many OSV's of the same design been sailing the world's oceans.

Although the original UT 755 design is more than ten years old, Dina Supplier is a very modern ship, equipped with the most current technology solutions. The UT-concept includes both design and equipment.

Dina Supplier is being delivered to Myklebusthaug Offshore AS of Fonnes, Norway and is the owner's second vessel of the UT 755 LC design.

It is the sixth vessel of this type delivered by the Simek AS shipyard in Flekkefjord, Norway--which has another four vessels of the same type on its order book.

"This kind of tonnage is still attractive in the market and the UT 755 series may well be the first offshore vessel design to reach 200", said Jørn Heltne, Vice President of Rolls-Royce, when the contract for Dina Supplier was signed.

Shipowner, Roald Myklebusthaug, says the design was chosen because it is well-proven, simple, does the job and is well-known worldwide in the offshore market.

The company already one vessel of the same design, Dina Merkur, in its fleet.

"Dina Merkur has functioned exceptionally well during its first year in service. The bunker consumption is especially low, and we have had purely positive feedback from the crew about seakeeping qualities and noise/vibration levels", says Myklebusthaug.

The UT 755 was conceived in the early 1990s. The design team at Rolls-Royce predicted the need for a smaller PSV vessel than the established success UT 705. The UT 755 vessels have proven to be flexible workhorses. The supply capacity is good, and the vessels can carry out many tasks, including offshore inspections and maintenance.

The UT 755 design has been through a continual development process since the first delivery in 1996. (Suffolk Supporter for Britannia/Suffolk Marine.) Today's UT 755 LC is 9.6 meters longer than the first editions. This gives large supply capacity, notably a larger deck area, as well as increased capacity for liquid goods such as mud, brine, base oil, etc. The vessel meets the environmental demands of the "Clean" and "Comf-V(3)" notations.


Vessel type: Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)

Design: UT 755 LC

Owner: Myklebusthaug Offshore AS

Yard: Simek AS, Yard no. 114

Length: 76.6 m

Breadth: 16 m

Deadweight: 3,250 t

Capacities: 1,000 cu. m liquid mud, 400 cu.m brine, 315 cu.m dry bulk, 970 cu.m fuel oil, 680 sq.m cargo deck

Speed: 15 knots

Main power: Two Bergen C25:33 L8P diesel main engines, each with 2,320 kW output to two twin CP propellers. Four tunnel thrusters.