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Marine Log

January 24, 2007

MAN Diesel Primeserv introduces new maintenance management plan

In the shipping industry, maintenance programs must guarantee high availability and smooth operation without sacrificing reliability. However, strict shipping regulations and complex technology make it difficult to remain familiar with all relevant, technical issues aboard, while the extended time between overhauls for MAN Diesel engines means that owners often have little experience of major overhaul experience is often lacking. This can lead to inefficient maintenance and the danger of maintenance-induced failures.

MAN Diesel PrimeServ is offering customers full maintenance management through the Engine Management Concept (EMC), a comprehensive plan that optimizes plant operations and ensures reliable operation with special focus on main and auxiliary engines, and turbochargers.

The Engine Management Concept is a new departure in maintenance programs in that these have traditionally been conducted by ship owners/operators. As the specifics of ships’ maintenance programs vary, each EMC agreement is tailor-made in close collaboration with the customer.

EMC agreements can cover all maintenance needs, utilizing the synergy created through using the various service products gathered under the MAN Diesel roof.

The EMC is available to both new and existing marine prime movers and power plants, and works on the basis of 5-, 10- or 15-year contracts, set at a fixed, monthly rate. Contracts can even be fixed for the lifetime of an engine--the longer the contract duration, the greater the benefit to the customer.

The EMC’s flat fee provides a predictable cost for the customer over the contract period and reduces the financial risk. MAN Diesel plans the entire maintenance schedule, using the most recent monitoring and diagnostic systems, and supplies original spare parts and manpower as agreed.

Full access to MAN Diesel technical support experts and a worldwide network of service centers is guaranteed 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

When and if required, MAN Diesel uses the services of its PrimeServ Academies to train customer personnel, enabling them to conduct daily operational procedures independently. Personnel can also receive instruction on-site during maintenance supervision.

The Engine Management Concept addresses issues as diverse as environmental compliance, class compliance, safety, reliability, operating efficiency, maintenance planning/control/cost, resource allocation and spare parts management. It will manage overhauls and class surveys, eliminating the risk of dismantling equipment twice. It can also take care of the administration of, and compliance with, the IMO ‘NOx Technical Code’ and the IMO ‘Safety Management (ISM) Code’ to facilitate Port State Controls.

Otto Winkel, Senior Vice President of MAN Diesel PrimeServ Copenhagen, says, “This new concept will benefit many of our markets. The Engine Management Concept enhances forecasting, allowing customers to focus on their core business and, when required, MAN Diesel delivers priority service globally including speedy access to original spare parts.”