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Marine Log

165 ft catamaran crewboat

January 22, 2007

Gulf Craft to build Incat Crowther cat for SEACOR

Incat Crowther, Newport, NSW, Australia is to design a 165 ft catamaran crewboat for worldwide operator, SEACOR Marine.

Incat Crowther Managing Director, Brett Crowther believes the success of this vessel will open a whole new industry for the catamaran.

"The speed and stability the catamaran offers to the crew boat market, will enable operators to provide a higher level of service, which today has only been available via expensive aviation options," he says.

To be named SEACOR Cheetah, the vessel will be built by Gulf Craft, Inc. It will be the fourth Incat Crowther design that the Paterson, La., specialist in aluminum vessels has built in the last three years. It is slated to enter service late this year.

The high speed catamaran crewboat will be capable of carrying 150 passengers at speeds between 36 and 42 knots with up to 152 tonnes deadweight.

The main cabin contains seating for 150 passengers with toilets, kiosk and flat panel entertainment screens.

Crew accommodations are sited on the mid deck with cabins, heads, galley, mess and laundry facilities to support up to 10 crew.

The upper deck contains a large fully equipped wheelhouse offering full 360 degree vision including direct visibility of the aft deck.

The vessel will be capable of carrying 150 tonnes of deck cargo on a 2,700 sq ft deck including 13,150 gallons of cargo fuel.

SEACOR Cheetah will also be built to meet ABS DP2 guidelines.

The vessel will be powered by four MTU 16V4000 diesels driving four Hamilton HM811 water jets. Two 200 hp retractable azimuthing bow thrusters are incorporated forward in each hull.

The new vessel is expected to join the SEACOR operation in the Gulf of Mexico.

Length overall: 50.29 m
Length waterline: 43.89 m
Beam: 11.58 m
Draft hull: 2.13 m
Fuel capacity: 52,314 liters
Fresh water capacity: 14,000 liters
Service speed: 41.5 knots
Max Deadweight: 152 tonnes
Survey: USCG Sub Chapter 'T'--Ocean Service
Classification: ABS +A1 HSC Crewboat + AMS + DPS-2
Construction material: Marine Grade Aluminum