Marine Log

January 17, 2007

Foss Maritime reorganizes corporate structure

Foss Maritime Company says it has reorganized its corporate structure to better serve its customers.

The reorganization marks a shift from a regionally organized company to a line-of-business structure.

Foss says it is pushing for increased accountability and greater depth of experience in its customers' industries, with single individuals responsible for each of the company's major lines of business including: tanker escort and assist, container ship assist, ship bunkering, marine transportation, project cargo, shipyard and engineering services.

"Our customers are increasingly global. They have a need for services in many ports across the country and the world. We want to make it as easy and seamless as possible to work with us," said Foss' new president and chief operating officer, Gary C. Faber.

The reorganization will give customers a single point of contact for their business, regardless of geographic location.

"I believe a functional, rather than a regional, organization will provide the greatest opportunity for us to achieve the desired results of greater customer satisfaction and better internal communication," said Faber. "It underscores the fact that the company's success depends on each employee—whether that employee is in Seattle or Houston."

As part of the restructuring, several new senior level positions were announced. Scott Merritt, Senior Vice President, will now head up the Domestic Services group. Other appointments in this group include Don McElroy, Senior Vice President Marine Transportation; Dave Hill, Vice President Harbor Services; Ric Gerttula, Director Contract Towing; Tim Beyer, Director Regional Towing; Ron Bates, Director Ship Assists; and Wendell Koi, Director Customer Service.

Charlene McArthur, who recently joined the company, will head the Management Services group as Vice President