Marine Log

75 m AHTS

January 12, 2007

MAN Diesel power for ABG anchor handlers

MAN Diesel has signed a major engine contract with ABG Shipyard Ltd., Gujarat, India.

It covers the supply of engines for a series of new 75 meter AHTS vessels designed by the Singapore-based SeaTech Solutions International Pte. Ltd and specified to deliver a bollard pull of 200 tonnes.

The propulsion source for each vessel is based on a diesel mechanical, twin screw, twin-in/single-out plant layout, with CPP's and four MAN Diesel type 8L27/38 medium-speed main engines.

The total output for the two ducted propellers is 11,640 kW (4 x 2,910 kW).

Callin the order "a nice step forward into the very promising Indian offshore and shipbuilding industry," Leon Andersen, Managing director of MAN Diesel India Ltd. said: "This order, beginning with four AHTS vessels for undisclosed operators, and the consequent cooperation prospects with a dynamic customer like the ABG Shipyard, is of great importance to the MAN Diesel organization."

The first ship's set of main engines will be completed in Denmark and ready for shipment to India next month.

The remaining engines are scheduled to be supplied at four-month intervals, matching the shipyard's construction and installation program for vessel numbers 277, 279 and 280.

More than 1,500 L27/38 engines have now been ordered for a wide range of applications.

The L27/38 engine's design advantages are high torque, quick acceleration, immediate load response and smokeless performance over the entire load range--characteristics well suited to AHTS propulsion operation.

Principal Particulars
Length oa 74.70 m
Length bpp 65.30 m
Breadth mld 17.80 m
Depth mld 8.50 m
Draft 6.50 m
Bollard pull 200 t (approx)
Trial speed 14.0 knots
Accommodations 42 persons
Class ABS