Marine Log

January 10, 2007

Ports, ferries set for 2007 security grants

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released fiscal year 2007 grant guidance and application kits for five grant programs that will total roughly $445 million in funding for state, local and private industry infrastructure protection initiatives and that include funding for both ports and ferry services.

Port Security Grants

Under the program announced today, eight port areas qualify for Tier I, or highest risk status, in fiscal year 2007. They will receive a combined total of $120 million, or roughly 60 percent of total Port Security Grant Program funding this year. The remaining U.S. ports are included within three additional risk tiers, and will compete for the additional 40 percent of available funds. Grant funding priorities include training, exercises, activities to mitigate the risk of improvised explosive devices, and employee credentials and access controls.

Tier I Port Security Grant Program areas are:

  • New York-New Jersey: $27.1 million

  • New Orleans: $17.3 million

  • Houston-Galveston: $15.7 million

  • Los Angeles-Long Beach: $14.7 million

  • Puget Sound (Seattle-Tacoma area): $12.2 million

  • Delaware Bay (Philadelphia, Wilmington, Del., and Southern New Jersey): $11.3 million

  • San Francisco Bay: $11.2 million

  • Sabine-Neches River (Port Arthur-Beaumont, Texas): $10.9 million

The Transit Security Grants program will fund enhanced security for 19 ferry systems in 14 regions. Those systems and eligible award amounts are:

  • Seattle: $2,400,603

  • New York-New Jersey: $1,532,903

  • Houston: $599,793

  • San Francisco Bay Area: $586,714

  • North Carolina: $429,685

  • Connecticut-New York: $414,350

  • Boston: $400,960

  • Alaska-Washington:$352,040

  • New Orleans: $325,000

  • Martha's Vineyard, Mass.: $274,120

  • Jamestown, Va.: $235,444

  • Delaware-New Jersey: $155,807

  • Greater Los Angeles: $122,581