Marine Log

January 3, 2007

VT extends patrol vessel charters

VT Support Services, part of VT Group, the former Vosper Thornycroft, has agreed an extension to the charter of three offshore patrol vessels to the U.K. Ministry of Defence for a further five years.

VT will continue to guarantee the availability of HMS Tyne, HMS Severn and HMS Mersey on fishery protection duties for a total of 960 days a year after the extension of the Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) agreement. The contract extension will be worth approximately $98.4 million.

VT Support Services Managing Director John Davies commented: "Asset availability contracts are a major element of the Defence Industrial Strategy and the three River Class vessels are a prime example of how successful this approach can be in providing the customer with value for money...We are delighted to extend the contract on the River Class ships.