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Marine Log

February 27, 2007

ACL initiates scheduled barge service

American Commercial Lines Inc. (NASDAQ: ACLI) says it has initiated scheduled barge transportation service on major river segments.

Approximately 80% of ACL's freight volume moves between Baton Rouge, LA and Cairo, IL. In February 2007, ACL initiated scheduled sailings between these two terminals. ACL now offers sixth morning arrival when moving southbound from Cairo to Baton Rouge and seventh morning arrival when moving northbound from Baton Rouge to Cairo.

Mike Ryan, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, states "ACL will compete for freight moving via rail or truck by converting our operating system to one which offers scheduled service. One round trip between Baton Rouge and Cairo is equal to moving over 1,000 railcars or over 4,200 trucks. Shippers will be able to use ACL service plan commitments to determine how much of their product pipeline they can convert to our safer and more economical mode of transportation. A primary objective for ACL in 2007 and beyond is to attract more freight volumes to the inland waterway system, achieving conversion from competing transportation modes."

ACL will also establish new service schedule products to significant shipping locations such as Minneapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati in the north, as well as New Orleans and Houston in the south.