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Marine Log

February 27, 2007

V. Ships Leisure to manage Windstar vessels

Ambassadors International, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMIE) says that its subsidiary Ambassadors International Cruise Group has selected V.Ships Leisure to manage the vessel operations of Windstar Cruises following its acquisition which is anticipated to be completed in April 2007.

David Giersdorf, President of Ambassadors International Cruise Group, stated, "We are looking forward to utilizing the services and resources of V.Ships to support our effort to deliver the iconic Windstar experience to our guests and enhancing the ability of our officers and crew to achieve that goal. With the support of V.Ships, we will continue to operate Windstar as the award winning, luxury cruise line that everyone knows it to be."

Lorenzo Malvarosa, CEO of V.Ships Leisure, added, "We are happy to support the operation of this exceptional fleet. Ambassadors International and V.Ships Leisure share the same commitment to quality, service and excellence vital to this particular segment of the market."

Under the agreement, V.Ships Leisure will provide services which include insurance, deck, engine and hotel crew management, port operations, procurement and technical and hotel operations.