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Marine Log

February 17, 2007

Tenth LPD-17 heads Navy unfunded program wish list

The Administration's FY08 budget requests $12.5 billion for new naval ships. This is a $3.5 billion increase over the FY07 appropriations of $9.0 billion for new ship procurement. However, in letter to Congressional leaders dated February 12, the CNO, Admiral Mike Mullen, says that "fiscal choices have resulted in some important programs being under funded."

The letter encloses a list of the Navy's FY 08 Unfunded Program Requirements.

This is a wish list of things that the Navy left out of its formal budget request, but that are nonetheless high priorities. The list is provided annually.

The 2008 Navy list includes 20 items totaling nearly $5.7 billion.

Leading the list is a tenth LPD 17 San Antonio-class amphibious ship at $1.7 billion leads the list. This is followed by two moreT-AKE 1 Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo ships at $1.2 billion to accelerate sealift requirements.