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Marine Log

Sunset Queen salvage

February 14, 2007

Donjon salvages dinner cruiser

Donjon Marine, Co., Inc., Hillside, N.J. has been retained to salvage the dinner cruise vessel Sunset Queen, which sank on Saturday, January 28, 2007, alongside one of the Municipal Piers located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York, in about 20 feet of water. The Sunset Queen is approximately 100 feet long x 30 feet wide with a light ship weight of approximately 200 tons.

The salvage effort, considered a "pick and pump operation," involves lifting the vessel to the surface with the use of the 400-ton capacity Donjon derrick barge Columbia New York. The vessel is then pumped free of water with the use of portable pumping systems and subsequently refloated.

Upon successful re-floating, the vessel will be delivered to owners at Mays Shipyard located in Staten Island, New York, for survey and repair work.